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kuroparents: Lord Suwa affectionately kisses a lock of beloved Lady Suwa's hair before leaving for that fateful battle... (hairkiss)

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Community description:A fan community for the parents of Kurogane from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
This is a fan community for the parents of Kurogane, centered around their relationship along with that of their son. Be mindful that there will be spoilers of Kurogane's past, circa Volume 13 of the manga and Episode 40 of the anime.

- This community is open to any interested members.
- Be respectful of each other.
- Stay on topic!
- No flaming, trolling, or wank. Three strikes/warnings will result in a ban.
- Put long fics and/or large arts under a cut (or lj-cut).
- Sexually explicit and other explicit contents (rated R or NC-17) must be put under a cut (LJ-cut) and warned accordingly.

- Since the parents remain nameless, it's okay to provide them original names in your work.
- Other pairings are fine (i.e. Kurogane's father/Fai); so long as kuroparents are still somehow involved.
- works set in AUs and canon AUs are also fine
- Double check spelling, grammar, and any other formatting before posting.

PM admins for any questions, comments, suggestions, or complaints. But most of all, have fun!
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