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You know what I always realized? That there really aren't much AMVs featuring Kurogane's parents. I've seen some good ones that presents Kurogane's past, but never one that focuses on them. So naturally I remedied that with this, something I always wanted to do. \o/

( Did you ever know that you're my hero?" )
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Title: Bedroom Smiles
Rating: R
Spoilers: Canon AU; alternative to Kurogane's canon past
Warnings: Mentions of sex, but not explicit
Summary: Lord Suwa wishes to return to the battlefield, but when Lady Suwa offers to help him heal, all plans are derailed.
Author's Note: De-anoned for a prompt at [community profile] clampkink, a hilarious one to boot that asked for any scenes of inappropriate boners. [personal profile] kittenkin requested me to do one for Kurogane's parents, because they need to live!

(Such a smile like that coming from her was precious and rare.)
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I drew a family portrait on a whim, and since this community needs more love, I want to share it! My first contribution.

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Here's my first fanfic for the community. :)

Title: Dragon's Fury
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Kurogane's backstory - Volume 13 (manga) and Episode 40 (anime). Kurogane's name not being used at all, too.
Summary: Dragons in Suwanese and the greater Nihongo culture are revered for their strength to protect those they hail as precious to them. "But what happens when a dragon fails to protect?" young Kurogane asks.
Note: Originally written for a contest at deviantART. The theme was Childhood Memories, pretty self-explanatory. Despite writing kidfics before, this is my first time dabbling with writing young Kurogane set with canon in mind.

"But first, tell me what you know about dragons."
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2012 is the year of the dragon, so OBVIOUSLY there needed to be some Kuro-Papa drawing happening. <3

Click to view~ )
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Welcome to the community! Be sure to read the rules and guidelines. If I am missing anything or you believe that there needs to be something added or fixed, don't be shy to leave a comment.

Owing to the increase of interest of Kurogane's parents thanks to activity at [community profile] clampkink, I hope that this place will become active. Feel free to share stories, art, icons, graphics, etc.

Also, because I have no experience in graphics nor do I have Photoshop, the layout is currently set on normal setting. If anyone would like to contribute a layout, or even just a picture for the profile, it would be great. You will be credited.

Thanks, and have fun all!


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